Yoga for Peace of Mind Classes

Classes are taught by Erin Lewis and Kirsty Kothakota. Our yoga classes take a whole-person approach, exploring the physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of wellness.  We draw an a number of different school of yoga, but our classes encourage students to take a mindful approach to their practice.

We are excited to share our yoga journey with you and hope to see you on the mat soon!

Meet Erin

I am a certified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist having studied with The Minded Institute as well as working part time with British Airways as a purser and having a family. I understand how busy life can be with all the pressures of modern day living. I also understand from 21 years of yoga practice that yoga works and has enabled me to stay healthy and strong bringing peace and stillness where once there was stress and anxiety.
I am passionate about bringing this understanding to YOU and giving you the knowledge of WHY yoga works combining knowledge taught by the Minded Institute from a neuro-scientific and research-based foundation. I am also a supervisor for other yoga teachers undertaking the Minded Institute’s 500 hour training.
I teach many yoga classes ranging from individual classes to longer dedicated courses to treat illness, stress and anxiety using all the knowledge and tools. Combined with a deeply caring attitude, the classes aim to be rewarding and therapeutic.
“My weekly class with Erin is truly a special time and space. The yoga she teaches is not just
about the body (although that is given an excellent and thorough workout), but also about the
mind. Through mindfulness techniques, focussed largely on the breath, we learn to live in the
present moment, leaving past regrets and future anxieties at the door, and concentrating instead on the here and now. I emerge from a class energised, strong, supple and full of well-being. She is a fantastic and inspirational teacher with a deep knowledge of the practice and philosophy of yoga.”  Maggie G
” I have been going to Erin’s classes for some time now. I can honestly say that it has changed my life for the better. Not only am I fitter and my body toned, but I leave each class relaxed. I am guaranteed an inner peace and a senseof calm in Erin’s classes. Each of her classes has a well thought through theme and message that we practice during the class and which I am able to put into practice during the rest of the week. As as result this has enabled me to become more focussed at work. Minded yoga is a workout for your body and mind and I thoroughly recommend Erin’s class.  5 out of 5 stars.” Natasha

Meet Kirsty

I am a certified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher as well as being a Sivananda Teacher.   I first stepped onto a  yoga mat over 15 years ago and yoga has been a part of my life ever since.  I am not sure where I would be without it! I began my teaching journey in 2004 with a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course, and went on to train to become a Sivananda Yoga Teacher in California in 2006.  My love of yoga led me to completing a British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma with Tara Fraser and Wendy Haring in 2010.
Having completed an 8 week Minded Yoga Course with Erin and been so enthusiastic about the amazing transformation it can bring about, I have gone on to incorporate many of the teachings from the Minded Institute into my own classes.
I have two young boys and my yoga practice helps to keep me balanced in a fun but full-on household! When I am not on the yoga mat, I love running, swimming and cycling.
“Yoga with Kirsty takes me away from life’s stresses and strains.  Her mindful, thoughtful practice always leaves me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in both body and mind. Her authentic appreciation of yoga and what it can do for people translates into her teaching.  She is excellent at sensing peoples’ needs and instinctively knows whether they need a calming restorative practice or something more dynamic. Kirsty understands how we as individuals use our yoga practice in different ways and the benefits it can bring when we apply it to our everyday lives through mindfulness.” Natalie

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